Capturing the flavour of the Central Plateau

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Our passion for what we do is never ending, with 365 days a year spent with the best Honey Producers in the world; our appreciation of what they do is at the core of our work. This in turn reflects in the incredible flavours of Honey that we are able to provide; we want to share that with you.

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We work hard to produce the best quality of Honey you could ask for. We have a community of people that help us achieve this; a process that ensures we jar only the best honey and a beekeeper that make sure our girls are well looked after and nurtured.

Our hives are situated around the Central Plateau region where our bees have access to multiple urban garden scapes, clover and multi floral pastures, and native bush with numerous types of flora that gives our Honey that special taste.

How it all

A passionate hobby gone mad is how we like to describe it. From a few hives to a couple of hundred we fell in love with this special creature, not only for what they produce but for what they do for our environment. Here’s our story, So far.

We originally obtained a few hives to help pollinate our fruit trees on our farm in Bonshaw Park. We went from one season having no fruit to the next season having branches breaking from the abundance of fruit on the trees.

During this time we worked with the bees learning and observing. We instantly become infatuated with how amazing they are as a colony, their organisation, intelligence and teamwork everything about them amazed us. To say the least we fell in love and Bonshaw Honey Co. was born.

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