Our Honey

With our hives scattered across the Central Plateau, our bees have access to urban gardens, rural pastures and native bush- each hive has numerous types of flora nearby. 

This allows us to single batch our honey to the area where each cluster of hives are. Like coffee or wine every detail small or large, from time to weather has an effect on the flavour, texture and colour of the honey. Single batching our honey produces a very distinctive artisan flavour.

Our honey is raw meaning we do not heat treat it over 40 degrees (the natural temperature of the hive) or use a fine filter. Handling it this way keeps all of the natural properties intact, keeping our honey in its most natural state as possible, as the bees intended. We don’t believe in changing something that has already been perfected. 

As part of our sustainability mission, we take only the honey we need, and we always leave enough honey in the hive for the girls to survive over winter. 

We pride ourselves on producing the best everyday honey you could ask for, using the best honey producers in the world- the honey bee. Our honey is made with love by the bees and the rest of us here at Bonshaw Honey Co.