Our beeswax is 100% natural and untreated perfect for everything you could think of for using beeswax, whether you are wanting to make sustainable beeswax wraps, health products such us face creams, balms or you're after a wax that's ideal for creating gifts such as candles.

We go through the process of filtering down our wax twice to make sure you receive the cleanest product possible so you can focus on creating.

Our beeswax starts off from scrapings that come off the top of the honey boxes, it then gets melted down into large blocks. From there it gets remelted and fine filtered and poured into 500g blocks which is what you see above.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Shanaea Walker
Natural beeswax block

Very good quality product, so happy with how it worked in my balms. Definitely coming back for more.

Carol Bernhard
Natural Bees wax blocks

A lovely product very clean and perfect for making wax wraps

Katen King
Fab service

Loved the service, turn around times, great product and super happy with the result from using these blocks!

Bonshaw Beeswax Blocks

So awesome, Ordered and Delivered same day
Makes my Kawa kawa and Aloe Vera panipani look and smell beautiful and fresh
Nga mihi nui
Maxine Isaacs

Nancy Bezzina
Beeswax blocks

These beeswax blocks are beautiful. I love it so much and it smells so nice. I love the colour. Thank you so much.