Introducing the newest honey to our range 💜

Introducing the newest honey to our range 💜

Introducing the newest honey to our range 💜

Get excited because we’ve got a new honey in our hives this season! Introducing our Lavender honey which has a smooth buttery texture, medium sweetness and hints of woodsy and citrusy notes. There is also a subtle aftertaste which is reminiscent of the scent of lavender. However, do not get confused, this gal is 100% natural and straight from the hive. No dried plants or smelly oils have been added to her, she is just as the bees intended.

Produced in the Hawkes Bay on the beautiful Lyonmark estate. Situated on the property is over 500 lavender plants that are made up of numerous varieties with the majority being the beautiful Grosso type.

How did the bees master this lavender honey? Well, the hives sat in a field of lavender plants and true to form, bees always go to the closest flower. They spent the whole season collecting nectar from the lavender fields and taking it back to their hives, and because they had so much lavender to choose from, they didn't need to go elsewhere. From there, we took a little bit, and left the rest of them to enjoy over winter. 

Honey in general gives us many benefits, such as helping us to strengthen our immune system, relieve coughs and sore throats, as well as healing wounds. Lavender itself has been used since ancient times to treat colds and other respiratory conditions as well as insect bites and wounds. How great is that the two have been combined!

You can use Bonshaw Honey’s Lavender Honey the same way you use your other honey whether that's on toast, on top of porridge, in a smoothie or straight from the jar! 

We would love to know how you enjoy it, so send through your favourite way to enjoy our honey and be in the draw to have your next jar on us!


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