About Bonshaw Honey

We are an independent family-run honey company based in New Zealand's Central Plateau. We believe in doing everything in an ethical and sustainable way. Our honey bees deserve to be respected and have the best life possible. As a company we firmly believe that we are responsible for operating in a way that leaves only a positive impact on our surroundings- and for the generations to come.

Bonshaw Honey was created four years ago when we decided to turn to the honey bees for help. Our land had a dozen fruit trees that were struggling to produce fruit. After one season of the honey bees help, the trees were abundant with fruit. So much so that the branches of the fruit trees were nearly breaking with all that they were producing. It was then that we fell in love with the honey bee and the way they play a role in every aspect of the ecosystem.

We have now gone from just a few hives by our fruit trees to 70 hives scattered throughout the Central Plateau. You will find the Bonshaw honey bees spread out all the way from Tongariro National Park, to the backyards in central Taupō. Our girls have endless natural food sources and are looked after year after year.