Our single batch Multi Floral Manuka honey is sourced from our hives deeply nestled in the back of Bonshaw Park close to our native bush site.

Manuka flowers for about six to twelve weeks depending on a lot of variables, this makes it a particularly hard honey to source as a lot of things have to go right for a successful harvest. 

Our Manuka is single batch and the end product is multi floral manuka. Most hives get placed onto land only when manuka flowers. Once it has finished flowering the hives are then moved away and the honey is harvested, ensuring that only Manuaka honey is in those hives. 

We however, do it differently. We try to minimise the amount of times we move our hives, as the bees are much happier this way. We let our girls do their thing, and at the end of summer we harvest only once.

This is why our Manuka ends up being a Multi Floral as the bees have time during the season to harvest other flora such as rewarewa and kanuka- and they are very happy about this. 

Our Multi Floral Manuka has a full herbaceous body with notes of citrus. The texture is smooth and velvety and unlike most Manuka honeys, it has a slightly sweet taste.

Our honey is raw meaning we do not heat treat it over 40 degrees (the natural temperature of the hive) or use a fine filter. Handling it this way keeps all of the natural properties intact, keeping our honey in its most natural state as possible, as the bees intended. We don’t believe in changing something that has already been perfected.