Our delicious Clover Honey is produced in the foothills of Mt Tauhara where Bonshaw Honey Co was born. Towards the end of summer white clover starts to flower, when this happens the whole land turns into a blanket of white resembling the snow covered mountains across the lake.

Not only is clover a great food source for the bees it is a legume that significantly reduces the need to add nitrogen fertilisers to our soils, which has a major benefit on the environment. By pollinating the White Clover, bees play a critical role in this process.

This honey is a pantry staple for every household, it’s thick and creamy texture is perfect for that slice of morning toast. Its flavour has a woody background with hints of macadamia, sweet pear or apple and vanilla with a mildly sweet aftertaste, a slightly sweeter taste to that of the urban multi floral.

Our honey is raw meaning we do not heat treat it over 40 degrees (the natural temperature of the hive) or use a fine filter. Handling it this way keeps all of the natural properties intact, keeping our honey in its most natural state as possible, as the bees intended. We don’t believe in changing something that has already been perfected.