Enjoy the wonders of Honey in its most natural form, comb honey. 

Our comb honey has not been cut or compromised. It arrives to you in its own special wooden frame, packaged securely in a box that ensures no damage.

Once arrived simply cut what you want when you want and place the rest in a container or on a plate and store in the fridge.

Alternatively have the whole frame on a grazing plater as the perfect statement piece, it is sure to be a crowd favourite.

It is 100% natural as the bees intended from our hives straight to you with minimal impact.

Harvested early in the season our comb honey has a mixture of Rewarewa, Five Finger and Kamahi. It has a rich flavour that lingers in the mouth.

Comb honey is a perfect companion to any desert, cheeseboard or melted onto your warm morning toast.