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Natural beeswax candles
Natural beeswax candles

Natural beeswax candles

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Our beeswax candles are 100% natural with no added extras, rustic in look and hand made with care. They have a longer burning time than your standard candle as beeswax has a higher burning temperature. 

Beeswax is the only fuel to emit negative ions when burning. This means all positively charged particles such us dust, odours, toxin, pollen, mould etc will float towards the flame. This process cleans the air and is thought to be beneficial for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities.

Our beeswax candles perfume the air with a subtle natural honey essence.

Large has approximately 80 hours burn time.

Medium has approximately 40 hours burn time.

Small has approximately 10 hours burn time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christine March

Lovely candles just as I hoped some for me and one as a gift. Keep up the good work

Lynn Viljoen
Best smell ever

They smell lovely, f fragrance that fill the air and burn like forever. I ordered from Bonshaw ,and will definitely order again . Fast shipping and great services .I love this beeswax candle . Thank you all at Bonshaw


Hi these candles are made from such wonderful beezwax. The service and delivery was very speedy and efficient, loved the hand written note also. I am finding the wick only burns a very small flame therefore the wax melts with a hollow whilst the top of the candle is still original height. If this could be modified I would say these are the nicest ever candles!

Bridget Kelly
Yummmm large cafe pure beeswax candles !

The best candles hands down! No smoke, excellent size, 100% beeswax, wonderful honey smell!
Thank you so much to the Bonshaw family
Ngā mihi nui ki te Whānau Bonshaw
Aroha nui

Bees wax candles

I brought these during August lockdown arrived within 2 days! Fast delivery and the candles smell amazing! Thanks guys you definitely made my lockdown better.